English Menu

English Menu


Skewer of mussels, colonnata lard and black bean cream 16,00

Cuttlefish, crunchy patchoi and olive crumble 17,00

Marinated mackerel, potato cream, olive oil emulsion and lemon powder 16,00

Beef tartare beaten with a knife, hazelnut mayonnaise and crunchy hazelnuts 17,00


First Courses

Spaghetti, yellow tomato cream, confit tomato, sea lupins and seaweed powder 17,00

Homemade gnocchi, prawns, mussels, cabbage and sweet garlic cream with cuttlefish ink 17,00

Pasta bottoni fi lled with liquid cheese and pepper, seared mullet, crispy bacon and black pepper crumble 17,00

Home-made Tagliatelle with ragù bolognese 13,00


Second courses

Seared marinated tuna, tuna tartare and marinated wakame seaweed 23,00

Octopus, pumpkin, roasted cardoncelli and squid ink chips 23,00

Amberjack, mint zucchini cream, bergamot gel and lemon crumble 23,00

Angus steak with Maldon salt flakes 20,00

Mixed salad 6,00

Mixed seasonal vegetables 9,00



Ricotta chantilly, candied cocoa crumble and salted caramel 8,00

Hazelnut crème brûlée 8,00

Dark chocolate cake with warm heart, orange gel, salted caramel mint coulis 8,00

Gianduja truffle with cream heart and raspberry coulis 8,00

Creamy white mascarpone, dark chocolate namelaka, coffee sponge and sandblasted hazelnuts 8,00

Homemade custard ice cream 7,00

Iced citrus foam with cocoa powder 6,00