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 Beef tartare, raspberry vinegar gel, mixed salad, black sesame waffle 20,00

Crispy sweetbread, artichokes and Parmigiano Reggiano fondue 22,00

 Crispy mullet in teriyaki sauce and seasonal vegetables 18,00

Octopus, chickpea hummus, lard and rosemary crumble 19,00


First Courses

 Home-made Tagliatelle Bolognese  16,00

 Pumpkin ravioli, blue and blueberry gel 20,00

Bottoni stuffed with Cacio e Pepe sauce, mullet, its stew, aubergine mousse and lumpfish roe 22,00

Homemade spagnetti, anchovy butter, anchovies, toasted halzenuts and thyme 19,00


Second courses

Irish Angus steak with Maldon salt flakes 23,00

Duck breast, au jus, plums and seasonal vegetables 29,00

Amberjack, pumpkin and roast Cardoncelli mushrooms 28,00

Seabass, broccoli and mild Bagna Cauda 28,00



Iced citrus foam 8,00

Baileys crème brûlée 10,00

Passion fruit ganache, raspberries, small meringues and cocoa crumble 11,00

Soft chocolate cupcake, vanulla chantilly cream and apricot coulis 11,00

Mascarpone cream, sour cherry and puffed chocolate 10,00

Halzenut namelaka, cocoa sponge, sanded halzenuts, salt caramel and chocolate mousse 11,00